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Which skin type are you?

19th September 2013

Knowing your skin type can be really helpful when choosing tailored cleansing products or make-up or for just knowing why your skin may behave in certain ways. For example if you have oily skin you may be more compatible with an oil-free moisturiser or choose an oil based foundation if you have dry skin.

A couple of ways to find out which skin type you are:

Sellotape test

Clean your face and once dry for about 20 minutes, stick three pieces of sellotape to your face firmly. One on your forehead, one across your nose and one on cheek by your jawline. Remove the tape and if you see flakes you have dry skin, tiny oily droplets for oily skin or a bit of both for combination skin.

Tissue test

This helpful video walks you through the five main skin types, how they can be identified and treated.

Care and Treatment

Which ever skin type you have it's important to have a good cleansing routine, but especially if you have very dry or sensitive skin which may be prone to fine lines or oily skin which is prone to acne.

Our dermatologists can advise you on which treatment is right for you, depending on your skin type as well as your required results. From anti-wrinkle treatments to reducing acne scarring, a skin treatment could help you feel better and your skin look great!

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