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Tired skin? Few tips on how to boost dull skin

1st September 2013

It's hard isn't it? Summer is coming to end and the skies are less blue as we move into the Autumn. So fancy a little pick me up then you can try some of these natural helpers.

Water and diet

The first rule of good skin is to keep regularly hydrated. The European Food Safety Authority recommends women drink about 1.6 litres of water a day, so make sure you keep that bottle of water with you even when it's not hot outside. Lots of foods can affect overall skin health, and you don't have to go as extreme as a detox to gain the benefits, so do a bit of research and find out why white bread is out and blueberries are in.

Change your skin routine.

It's easy to get stuck in a rut with your skin cleansing routine. You're busy and sometimes you feel pretty saintly just for removing your make-up and brushing your teeth before you hit the pillow.

However, products such as exfoliating cleansers and moisturisers are used by many women as the routine works for them, exfoliating for examples allows the moisturiser to work better. If you don't know which skin type you are (dry, sensitive, oily) then do some research on your skin type is good place to start.

Get Away

Sometimes we just need a break, not just from the routine of life, but from all it's tempting pleasures such as alcohol and parties. Visit a spa or plan a sin-free weekend out in the fresh air and get away with a friend and we bet when you return you feel refreshed and so will your skin.

Have a treatment

Sometimes we've tried early nights and changing our diet, but we want something to give us a bit more of a boost. Skin peels remove the dead skin cells, leading to a fresher more glowing skin. A treatment like sk:n's Exfoliating gylcolic peel or Complexion perfection peel would give you just that, and you could be wishing you had done it ages ago.

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