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Laser Hair Removal: Home vs. Clinic

22nd September 2013

Laser hair removal is often the treatment of choice for many women, but it can be expensive and many find visiting a salon inconvenient or uncomfortable.

Laser hair removal systems for the home are also expensive, with some costing over £1,000 so whether at home or a clinic it will be an investment. If you're thinking of buying a home system, it's also increasingly difficult to find one which is best for you, with many on the market and often the same system having varying reviews, how do you ensure you buy the right one?

It may seem inconvenient going to a clinic, but we recommend one treatment a month, for six - eight months so you won't need to be popping down there every week. Sk:n has 34 clinics in and around the UK which all feature state-of-the-art equipment and the most up to date technologies so you'll be in safe hands.

Ay sk:n, we only use laser treatment for hair removal, rather than IPL, because it offers the best, most effective results for our clients. Our specialists will tailor the treatment to suit your skin tone and you can ask them any questions at the consultation.

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