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Keeping it fresh over Freshers' Week

13rd September 2013

It's the first week of University, you're in strange surroundings, you may be away from home for the first time and you're missing all your friends and family. Freshers’ Week is nerve wracking enough without having to cope with worrying about your skin.

Here are a few of tips on how to get through that first week in one piece...

Take it easy

It may be very tempting to get carried away with the non-stop partying, but it would also be wise to still be able to hold a conversation after the bar shuts and get home in one piece.

Remember you may not have the safety blanket of friends that are used to looking after each other, so take it a bit easy on the beers in the first week until you find your feet.

Remember why you are there…

Freshers' Week is all about being seen and making friends before the hard work starts, but students will also appreciate somebody who knows their way around and seems on the ball.

Everyone has issues

Most teenagers would have experienced blackheads or spots at some point, and chances are if they are blessed with flawless skin, there is something else about their appearance they are worried about instead.

However, if you feel that clearer skin would help your confidence and you've tried home treatments then Isolaz may help. Isolaz uses a combination of a vacuum and laser light to deep cleanse pores. It's quick, painless and extremely safe so you can start your university years without worrying about your skin.

Have fun!

The most important thing of course...if you look like you are genuinely having a good time and getting involved, then people will want to be around you. Good luck!

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