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In a nutshell: Wax, Shave, Cream or Laser

30th September 2013

Everybody has there preferred choice for hair removal and you may choose different methods for various areas of the body, such as you may shave your armpits but always wax the bikini line. We probably don’t need to tell you how each treatment works, so instead here is a quick run-down of the pros and cons of each treatment.


Pros: Removes hair at the root and leaves skin smooth for a few weeks, works best on the bikini line, legs and upper lip. Waxing is probably one of the best treatments for men as well and recommended for large body areas such as the back and chest.

Cons: Ouch! There is no doubt that waxing especially sensitive areas can be painful. For best results visit a clinic, it's more expensive but worth it. Home kits for waxing are readily available but if you don't know what you're doing, it can be a big disappointment and just create a rather unsightly mess in the bathroom.


Pros: Shaving is quick, instant, relatively painless, can be done at home and cheap. Best for the underarms and legs.

Cons: It's best for people with fine hair and only really lasts a couple of days maximum. The hair isn't removed from the root, so the hair can grow back thicker. Once you start it's a commitment to keep it up, that's why it's not ideal for large areas like the chest that you may only remove the hair seasonally.


Pros: Like shaving it can be done at home and it's cheap and mostly painless. Best for small areas like the moustache or bikini line.

Cons: Although painless it can irritate sensitive skins. Depilatory creams can give varying results, so don't expect the same results from waxing or laser hair removal.

Laser Hair Removal

Pros: Many choose laser hair removal as it's considered the most safe and effective way to remove hair. Ideal for people with hair darker than their skin, but it's also good if you don't want the fuss of daily hair removal and want smooth results all the time. We also recommend laser hair removal for individuals with problem hair growth, or are affected emotionally by unwanted hair, as you may need the odd top up sessions but it's mostly permanent.

Cons: It's not a quick fix. You have a session every four weeks, for about six - eight sessions, so it's a longer-term investment. As with waxing, home kits are available, but for the safest and best results we would recommend visiting a specialist clinic.

At sk:n, we often feature laser hair removal offers on three to eight sessions, from eyebrows to the bikini line, so it might be more affordable than you think.

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