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How can I get over my fear of injections?

16th September 2013

Known uncommonly as ‘trypanophobia’ the fear of injections or needles is pretty common. If you have an extreme fear of needles and injections then you may be best visiting a behavourial therapist, but if you are like the most of us who certainly don’t welcome injections, but it certainly puts you off some treatments such as anti-wrinkle injections then these few tips might help.

Read, listen or watch something.

Why not bring a friend with you, who can talk to you while you are having the treatment or alternatively listen to music or watch TV. Something that will distract you from what is happening with the needle, but allows you to remain still.

Close you eyes and breath deeply.

Closing your eyes will help in not knowing what is going on around you or anticipating the pin-prick, but it can also make you focus on the area, so take deep breaths and think of something monotonous like counting sheep, as you would if you were trying to go to sleep.

Choose Fraxel or a similar non-invasive treatment

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