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Five ways to remove a moustache on women

17th September 2013

You are spoilt for choice when it comes to removing upper lip hair. If you only have a few darker hairs on the corner of your mouth, then you might prefer bleaching but if you decide you do want to remove that unsightly ‘tache’ a hair removal treatment might be better. But whatever you do, don't shave it!

1. Smooth on some cream

Depilatory creams are cheap and can be done at home, but be careful... they can cause redness and re-growth is quick and can be thicker when it returns.

2. Wax it!

Can be done at home, but best done in a salon. It's relatively cheap, but can cause skin discolouration on darker skins like Asian skin with long term use. Also you might need to hide away for a couple of weeks when you're preparing the re-growth for the next wax.

3. Threading

Some women choose threading as it doesn't involve any chemicals or technology, but it can be tricky to find good practitioners and like waxing, hair returns in a few weeks. However, unlike waxing with consistent use you should receive less hair re-growth as it slowly damages the hair follicle over time.

4. Electric Shock!

Electrolysis can be painful and time-consuming, but it's permanent. Even a small area like the upper lip could take up to 10 hours to clear the hair fully.

5. Snap it with a laser

Works best where the hair is darker than the skin, at sk:n we also specialise in laser hair removal on Asian and darker skin. Laser hair removal is almost pain-free with many clients describing a light stinging sensation, even on sensitive areas. Plus, with small areas like the upper lip it can be pretty cost-effective as you may only need a few sessions. As we do with all our consultations, always insist on a test patch before you start.

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