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Are you a laser fan like comedian Shazia Mirza?

16th September 2013

If you search for “Shazia Mirza” you will find a lot of stuff that isn't about her hair. She is an acclaimed stand-up comedian and columnist, who has written for The Guardian and regular appears on stage and TV programmes such as The Wright Stuff.

Image source: http://www.shazia-mirza.com/

However, something you will also find is her speaking very openly about her unwanted hair! Most notably a previous article she wrote for First Magazine entitled “What’s wrong with being a hairy woman?” and “F**K off I'm a Hairy Woman” featured on BBC3.

In both articles she talks candidly about the struggles and expenses of her hair removal experiences from bleaching her moustache at 14, to the relief of finally discovering laser hair removal in The Observer.

Mirza writes: “I had bleached my moustache and when I got in the mirrored lift under the lights, I realised I looked like Father Christmas. That incident prompted me to get all my facial hair lasered - without a doubt the best hair removal treatment ever - I would recommend to all women and gay men everywhere.”

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