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Why Are We Hiding Behind Our Make-up?

24th October 2013

Survey results showed that women spend just over a year of their lives applying make-up. To be more precise, 474 days a year, which when broken down is pretty much a week every year. So why is it that we feel the need to apply make-up every day?

Pressures on Women to Play the Part

Even in today’s society women have a hard part to play. The modern working woman is expected to excel in her work but also look the part. With these mounting pressures it’s no wonder that women are spending so long over their make-up routines. Over 75% of women we surveyed said that when their skin looked good, they felt much more confident, so is the art in the skincare and not in make-up?

Is it the Media?

This year's female competitors in The Apprentice, including the winner Leah Totten were all very attractive, reasonably young women. This year's series saw a big increase in pretty female contestants in contrast to the previous series. So with this pressure from the media, when is the high flying business woman supposed to find time to fit in her morning beauty regime?

Better Skin, Less Make-Up?

Cosmetic treatments to achieve permanent results for the everyday business woman are on the increase. Here at sk:n we aim to improve the visible appearance of your skin and therefore reduce your reliance on everyday make-up products. Our microdermabrasion treatment can achieve results for a fresh, young looking glow without you having to reach for primers and foundations.

It seems the pressures for women are never-ending. The beautiful photos of Kate Middleton during her pregnancy have now added more demands on expectant mothers. Are these pressures going to have a significant impact on the way we feel about our appearance? What are your thoughts?

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