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Mariam's body hair troubles now revealed

22nd October 2013

It has been observed, that a larger fraction of women are now commonly speaking openly about their excessive bodily hair dilemmas in comparison to before. Women seeking permanent hair removal solutions has dramatically risen and so has the demand for laser hair removal treatments.

Please watch the video below which highlights the unfortunate difficulties Mariam faces in her life due to her excessive hair problems.

In this short clip, you can see that Mariam finds it hard to even look at herself without ‘’feeling like an alien’’ because of her excessive bodily hair. She often feels vulnerable and uses her clothes as protection to hide her hair problems away from the outside world. Mariam has also revealed that, she has hair growing in all areas of her body such as her chest, stomach and face and is in desperate need to get rid of these unwanted hairs.

What can we do to help women like Mariam?

In severe cases like Mariam's, hair removal techniques like waxing, just don’t feel powerful or adequate enough to overcome such excess hair. Rather than relying on these temporary fixes or hiding away why not try our laser hair treatments at our sk:n clinics.

There have been many successful client stories at sk:n clinics, where clients lives have permanently changed for the better. We want to help more women like Mariam and reassure them that the future will be brighter; so book yourself with a free consultation today, if you are also experiencing similar problems.

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