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Looking after your underarms

17th October 2013

"Never let them see you sweat" was one of the catchiest ad campaigns presented by The Gillette Company in the 1980's because they too were aware of the importance of having great looking and well maintained underarms.

The majority of us will be put in situations where our underarms will be on show whether at a social gathering with our work colleagues or at the gym. This makes it crucial for us to uphold our attractive image by taking care of our appearance at all times and of course hair free underarms is part of this.

Below are some top tips on how to ensure your underarms are kept in pit top (get it) condition.

Give your pits a break

Putting on deodorant or scratchy fabrics after shaving can be irritating, says dermatologist Ranella Hirsch. Wait ten minutes before applying antiperspirant, or shave before bed and let your skin heal overnight.

Get a close shave

Always shave in the shower, so the hot water and shaving cream can soften the hair.

Use a fresh blade

Women who use blunt razors tend to push down harder, which scrapes the skin, says Claire Girdler, a scientist for Gillette Venus. Change your blade every few week. Approach hair from all angles: The hair grows in different directions, and you want to shave against each.

Try Laser hair removal

Visit a sk:n laser hair removal clinic near you. Laser Hair removal is a highly recommended permanent hair removal solution. It usually requires up to six treatments at the most, from one of the sk:n specialists. sk:n clinics are open 7 days a week from 8am to 9pm.

Take care of your under arms, it's the way forward.

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