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Let's talk plump lips

31st October 2013

The media often bombards us with the latest gossip from the celebrity world. We are often told about celebrity cosmetic surgery, such as lip implants and even news on their Botox plans! The good news is that, if done performed cautiously and professionally treatments such as getting beautiful, plump lips like the famous, may actually not be a bad idea and can make you look younger.

If you are thinking to further enhance your appearance with plump lips then there are two main ways in doing so, dermal fillers or implants.

Dermal fillers

What is the treatment?

Lip filler injections are a very quick treatment and is minimally invasive. The treatment uses injections to plump the skin, fill out lines and grooves and enhance the full-effect of your lips. There are two forms of dermal filler treatments available at sk:n, Juvéderm® and Sculptra™ which you can test out for a more youthful look. Lips usually require 1-2 vials for you to achieve the full plump effect on them. A vial is simply a measurement of the anti-wrinkle injectable liquid administered during treatment.

Who performs the treatment?

All lip filler treatments are performed at our sk:n clinics by experienced skin specialists, that can give you a greater insight into the treatment before you start. Sk:n have been practicing the dermal filler procedures for a long time. In a nutshell, if you are looking for a less-invasive, short-term boost to the size of your lips, lip filler injections are definitely the way to go!

PermaLip lip augmentation

What is the treatment?

This is a more permanent technique, which is also used in amplifying the lips, for a sexier and younger look. PermaLip implants consist of a robust outer skin, enclosing a silicone gel centre similarly to breast implants but these of course are on a much smaller scale.

Who performs the treatment?

Experienced plastic surgeons are often the ones responsible for administrating lip implants on clients. They also use anaesthetic to numb the pain for the client.

As you can see, both procedures of lip enhancement have their pros and cons, it really just comes down to knowing what you are looking for. If you are drawn towards the idea of dermal fillers then you should seriously consider visiting one of the sk:n clinics near you.

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