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Remedies for healing acne scarring: natural and laser

3rd October 2013

Acne can be a devastating experience for those suffering from acne. It can make individuals feel unattractive, low in self-esteem and feel unworthy in extreme cases. It can make some sufferers obsessive and feel insecure about our looks. We can try our best to make our acne disappear, but sometimes the sad part is when your acne finally vanishes, it can still sometimes leave permanent scar marks.

However, don’t let this demotivate you as there are several natural and laser remedies available for healing acne scarring.

Natural remedies

1. Tea tree oil: This allows the removal of acne scars naturally. It assists in destroying the bacteria and removing the excess oil from your skin.

2. The application of lemons: Lemons are very high in citric acid, and a popular way to reducing acne scars. Make sure you gently rub a lemon slice over the affected area, let it set for 15-20 minutes then rinse it off.

3. Aloe vera gel: Aloe vera gel consists of soothing and cooling agents which can accelerate the healing of acne scars.

4. Lavender oil: Lavender oil is a effective remedy for removing acne scars because of its antiseptic and antifungal properties. Make sure you dilute it before usage as it is relatively strong.

Laser remedies

Alternatively you can always turn to our professionals at sk:n to resolve your acne related issues and seek one of our popular laser remedies like the ones mentioned below:

1. Laser resurfacing: The laser resurfacing treatment here is fantastic and worth considering. This is because, by the end of the course it would leave the skin more even and will also encourage new skin to grow with a healthier acne free look.

2. Skin peels: You can also always choose from an assortment of skin peels at sk:n, if you are a new client and would like to try a more entry level, cheaper acne treatment. We are here to support you through your acne crisis!

3. Dermaroller: A high quality titanium dermaroller is rolled over your skin, to create several miniscule contact points, allowing your body’s natural healing process to rejuvenate and repair the skin for a smoother, younger looking appearance.

4. CO2RE: CO2RE effectively targets both superficial and deeper layers of your skin for a smoother, more even complexion.

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