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Ethnic skins and laser hair removal

16th October 2013

Laser hair removal has become an increasingly popular phenomenon amongst women all over the globe. In fact, cosmetic industry statistics show that it is the most popular aesthetic procedure for women under the age of 35 with nearly 1 million laser hair removal treatments being performed in the US last year.

There have been a few concerns in the past from Latin, African, Asian and other ethnic groups, who have had the belief that laser hair removal could be damaging to their darker skin tones. The truth is that laser hair removal may work quicker on some skin tones, but it is especially suitable for ethnic skins.

A step closer to looking like those stunningly attractive models you read about in magazines like Asiana and GQ Girls is to consider laser hair removal from highly professional, reputable and trusted clinics such as sk:n. Therapists practicing at these clinics are experts in this industry.

Laser hair removal is suitable for darker skin tones so why not move away from temporary fixes like shaving and draw your attention to a more permanent hair removal treatment fix.

We hope it will maximise your confidence and make you feel like a superstar!

Success stories

Great results have been achieved from laser hair removal, with clients extremely happy with the results. Experts at sk:n have been praised for their contribution in helping clients improve their confidence and self esteem. Here is some of what has been said:

"I have tried all of the temporary fixes, from waxing and threading to plucking and shaving, but the hair just came back with a vengeance! I went to Sk:n to ask if there was anything that could be done. The nurse there was so helpful, and she explained to me that laser hair removal is safe." — Kulsum Patel

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