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Different ways of masking spidery veins

1st October 2013

Do you often reminisce over the times when your face was absolutely flawless and you were tension free about your facial thread veins? It’s now time you put your worries aside and tested the different great ways of masking spidery veins shown below.

1. Use sunscreen

It’s vital to use sunscreen, not only to protect the fragile skin from the sun but to also help prevent spider veins from developing or from getting worse.

2. Avoid triggers

Anything that causes your skin to flare up, or raises your blood pressure, can be a potential trigger. Extreme weather conditions and stress can for example affect your complexion.

3. Choosing the right concealer

It’s important to make sure that a concealer is the first layer of cover-up you use when applying makeup, in order to completely mask your facial thread veins.

4. Choosing the right foundation

Try to stick to liquid makeup because this provides heavier coverage and is easier to create the flawless look and hide the unattractive spider veins.

5. Take an oral or topical antibiotic

These will enable you to treat facial red veins, although it has been observed that oral antibiotics work faster than topical ointments. However you must consult with your doctor before considering any of these options.

6. Try out the facial thread vein laser treatment

Laser treatment can dramatically improve your outlook and conceal those distressing facial red veins. Sensitive lasers are used to target and breakdown the unwanted red veins through a technique called photothermolysis. The great news is that the laser is carried out in short bursts, to avoid harming the skin.

Bearing this in mind therefore, it would be a good idea to visit one of our sk:n clinics and raise your concerns with our expert medical team. They are leaders in this industry and have resolved several facial thread vein related cases, so book your free consultation right away!

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