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Bikini Line Bumps: Avoiding shaving rash

18th October 2013

Having a perfect bikini figure is not the only worry women undergo whilst away on holiday or going for a swim. You also have to make arrangements for all your bodily hair, especially if wearing a bikini is on the cards on your vacation.

You may be prone to getting bikini line bumps and an uncomfortable burning rash sensation after shaving, especially around the sensitive bikini line area.

If you normally resort to shaving because you are restricted with time, then see some useful tips below on how to overcome some of the implications of shaving.

Tip one

Dispose any dull razors - This can prevent you from having a perfectly clean shave.

Tip two

Shave every other day, at the most - Shaving every day can irritate fresh bumps, so aim to use a razor every second day or ideally third day.

Tip three

Exfoliate gently - Exfoliation will clear off any dead skin cells or other material on your skin.

Tip four

Don't press down on the razor as you're shaving - Applying pressure can make the razor uneven on your skin. Instead, aim to hold it lightly and "glide" it over your bikini area.

Tip five

Shave in the shower using shaving cream - The steam from a warm shower serves two purposes: it makes the hair softer, and your skin less exposed to irritation. The application of shaving cream on the other hand soften hairs and makes them easier to remove.

Shaving can be a hassle and time-consuming task, so it might be a good idea to invest in laser hair removal treatment. This is perceived as the highest quality, most safe and effective way to remove unwanted hair from visible areas. It is carried out by our specialists at sk:n clinics who have a strong desire to make you feel great about yourself.

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