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Your vacation checklist

1st November 2013

If you're going away for Christmas with your girlfriends or your family then make sure you don't forget to create a checklist before your departure. Exploring another country with your loved ones, can be a incredibly exciting experience so make sure you have everything you need, to avoid any disappointments.

Here are a few key things you should include in your checklist:

1. Dig out your passport and make sure it's in date

As bizarre as it sounds, it's true that people often book holidays and realize later that their passports have expired. We can all have these forgetful moments, but it's crucial you ensure your passport is just as ready as you are.

2. Make sure you have fully pampered yourself before your holiday begins

Why not book yourself a manicure and pedicure appointment and of course got rid of any unwanted bodily hair? Even if you're going on a winter holiday, it's still nice to feel like you are looking your best before you leave for holiday and adds to the excitement.

Avoid any skin irritations caused from shaving or waxing and invest in a more long lasting treatment such as laser hair removal instead. Book yourself a consultation today at sk:n and trust our skin specialists to help you, as they have done for so many others.

3. Make sure you know your luggage allowances

This can be a nightmare, if it's not followed correctly. You really don't want to be in a position where you are paying an excess amount of money for that extra pair of boots, so weigh your suitcase before you leave the house.

4. Sort out your travel money

Organising your travel money in advance can save you money. Please also note that the cheapest rates will be found online, which you can either arrange for delivery or pick up.

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