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The PCOS diet plan

18th November 2013

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is the most common hormonal disorder among women of reproductive age. Some people are either confused by or unfamiliar with PCOS. Below is a short clip of Hillary Wright, author of the PCOS diet plan, giving a closer insight into the management of PCOS.

What the author of PCOS diet plan has to say about PCOS

In this video clip, Hilary Wright encourages women with PCOS to focus on their nutrition and diet. This has been discussed in more detail in her new diet plan for PCOS book. She points out that PCOS not only has short term health consequences such as infertility but also involves long term health risks such as diabetes and heart disease.

She also highlights in the video that a condition referred to as insulin resistance drives PCOS, which is also the underlying cause of type two diabetes. She expands on this by pointing out that insulin has the ability to get in the way of hormonal balance we need to produce eggs so they are ripe and ready for fertilization.

It's worth noting that people with PCOS often become overweight, obese or diabetic. This is why she emphasizes that young women should keep a close eye on their dieting lifestyle and start exercising regularly.

She also recommends that PCOS patients should eat foods low in carbohydrates, eat whole fruits instead of juices, best quality carbohydrates, but also ensuring they are spread over the course of the day to avoid producing excessive insulin all at once through carbohydrate intake.

Overall, this video clip shows how nutrition plays a key part in the management of PCOS, which young women should be aware of and follow a healthy lifestyle to win the battle against PCOS.

What are the other symptoms of PCOS we should know about

Not only does PCOS cause weight and infertility issues, but it can also cause terrible acne breakouts and abnormal hair growth. Many women with PCOS seek professional help from experienced dermatologists to enhance their physical appearance.

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