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sk:n recommends: A complete guide to acne, where knowledge is power

2nd November 2013

Would you describe yourself as an introvert or solitary character? Has this mainly been caused by your ongoing acne problems? Then why not learn more about this skin condition. You can now get a complete guide to acne on the www.acne.org website, where knowledge is power.

Features you may also find interesting:

Exploring the truth behind diet and acne

There is no concrete evidence that there is a direct link between diet and acne. However, clinical research has found that, acne sufferers should focus on eating a relatively low-glycemic diet rich in colourful fruits, vegetables and omega-3 fats.

Treating acne in Asian skin

It has been highlighted on this page, that acne is a very common issue for people of Asian descent. People with Asian skin tend to have a bigger issue with marks, also referred to as inflammatory hyperpigmentation that can be left behind for a longer period time.

The connection between alcohol and acne

Many of us enjoy having a social drink after work to let our hair down, or may just drink on nights out with friends. Whatever the case, it's important to know if there is a connection between acne and alcohol consumption. Several studies have reported on the affects of alcohol on hormone levels in humans, with hormones being found be an important factor in acne development.

How cigarettes affect the skin and trigger acne breakouts

Although we may be well aware of the obvious adverse effects smoking can have on our health, it should also be known how smoking can cause a negative effect on our skin. Smoking compresses blood vessels and damages the surface of several parts of our bodies, from the cells that line our organs, to the skin that protects us.

To conclude...

You don't need to stress any more about your forever lasting acne skin condition, as stress can too be a great contributor to your acne breakouts. sk:n clinics are here to help from the start to finish of your acne laser treatment course. It would be a wise idea to read all about acne on the recommended website mentioned earlier so you can have a head start before booking your free consultation with sk:n.

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