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Mums who use anti-wrinkle injections

28th November 2013

Amy Barr, a 42 year old mum discusses why she choose to start anti-wrinkle injectable treatments "I had constant tension headaches and felt after a long day of work and dealing with family, that my face was converting to a downward slope.”

Moreover, Victoria Prosser, an existing client at sk:n clinics also claimed the following “There was no discomfort or pain during the procedure, none at all. The clinic was brilliant, the staff were very helpful and informative, I will certainly be going back there in the future!.”

Anti-wrinkle injection basics: what mums need to know about the procedure

The anti-wrinkle injections procedure is fairly quick, taking only several minutes, and should is minimally painful. At sk:n clinics for example, your sk:n specialist will thoroughly discuss the anti-ageing treatments available to help you select a rejuvenation skin treatment, most suitable to you.

Mothers who should not use anti-wrinkle injections

Pregnant women or mums in the very early stages of pregnancy should avoid having anti-wrinkle injections since you are already in a delicate and weak state. For this reason, any treatment of this nature should be postponed.

Side effects mothers should be aware of

Fortunately, side effects are very rare and mild. Side effects can include brief swelling, pain, and/or bruising around the treated area.

Mums, get in the festive spirit and treat yourself this Christmas by finding out more about anti-wrinkle injections with sk:n clinics. It may just be the best remedy and stress relief for you right now.

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