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Looking your best at your Asian wedding

4th November 2013

Asian weddings are just as long in duration as the Bollywood films you watch at the cinema! If not longer…. so you can imagine an Asian wedding would take heaps of preparation and planning. On top of all this, Asian brides will undoubtedly be under pressure to look their best on their big day, also taking just as much preparation.

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A quick beauty checklist for your asian wedding:

1. Radiant Skin - Is a Bride's Best Accessory

If you are planning your Asian wedding, beauty treatments are now available at sk:n, to help you look absolutely glowing on your big day. All of which will return a youthful glow to your skin and give you a boost in confidence for your special day. Popular treatments like laser hair removal for example may be high in priority, so you can get smoother looking, hair-free and revitalised skin. Laser hair removal offers are often available, so keep an eye out for this at sk:n.

2. Choosing a talented make-up artist

Every girl's dream is to look stunning whilst they walk up the aisle, to start a new chapter with their husband to be. A talented and expert make-up artist is essential to making this happen.

3. Select a top hair stylist

It's also vital to have an amazing hair do that lasts the entire day. Yes ladies this means having a great hair stylist as well - and lots of hair spray!

4. Purchase a couple of seductive wedding fragrances for the day

Leading bridal beautician Lubna Rafiq observed that brides often pay so much attention to their hair, make-up and outfit that they forget about purchasing the best smelling fragrances!. So don't forget the basics as well...

Good Luck!

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