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Laser vs. IPL: which one would you go for?

14th November 2013

There is always a comparison being made between which long term hair removal treatment would show the best results on our skin. Some people are often in two minds whether to go for laser treatment for hair removal or IPL, so it would be a wise idea to discover the differences between them.

Difference one: Is cheaper better?

IPL devices are generally cheaper for the clinician to purchase, which explains why many several salons tend to administrate IPL over laser. However, the question still remains is it better than laser or are these types of salons favouring IPL simply because it's a cheaper option?

Difference two: How many treatment sessions are required for IPL and Laser hair removal?

On average IPL usually requires around 10 treatments in comparison to laser hair removal, which requires around 6 treatments to achieve the desired results.

Difference three: Which treatment is more effective?

IPL's do not penetrate as deeply as lasers making IPL laser hair removal less effective than laser hair removal. Laser hair works safely and effectively on all skin tones, even darker, pigmented or sensitive skin, making it a convenient option for a wide range of clients.

Difference four: What soothing methods are used for IPL and laser hair removal?

It's also good to know what soothing methods are used to get rid of any redness after a treatment session. It's worth knowing that lasers have more advanced skin cooling methods unlike IPL. IPL normally involves only using gels to calm your skin, which is not only messy, but doesn't often maintain a cooling sensation for long.

To summarise...

We can see there are significant differences between IPL and laser. Laser seems to be a more cost-effective treatment, giving you the most desired results at a faster pace over IPL.

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