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Kim Kardashian's body hair confessions

5th November 2013

Excessive bodily hair can become a pain and difficult to manage. This may especially be the case for those with darker skin tones. Having acne can greatly lower our self-confidence. Famous iconic figures like Kim Kardashian have also had to face similar hair related issues and are strong believers of laser hair removal, as has also show in the short video below.

A closer insight of the clip...

In this short video, the Armenian beauty Kim Kardashian begins with revealing how at the age of 12, she started to get her bikini waxed and claims how she has always been ready for hair removal since an early age. They also discuss the episode when sister Kourtney gives Khloe a bikini wax but ends up burning her, ouch!

This gives us more of an excuse to stay well away from waxing. She also very importantly confesses to us, how she is obsessed with laser hair removal and has practically had it administrated all over her body. Kim also admits how she likes her men well-groomed, and is not a huge fan of manscaping.

The conclusion...

As we have seen from the short clip, Kim Kardashian highly recommends laser hair removal and has moved away from other hair removal techniques like waxing over the years. Thousands of people like Kim agree how starting laser hair treatment sessions has really made a difference in their lives.

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