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Jobs that can irritate your skin

11th November 2013

Are you one of those people whose skin can be real hard work especially at the place of work? Have you ever wondered what may have been the cause of this?

The answer is often overlooked, it could just be because of the type of job you are involved in. It would be useful, to know which type of jobs can have an influence on our skin.

Following are some examples of jobs that can affect your skin:

Cooks and chefs

A lot goes on behind the scenes, around the preparation of our food at restaurants, which we are likely to be unaware of. Being a chef isn't easy, because your skin is likely to get highly effected during the cooking process in the kitchen. This is because close contact with certain foods like garlic or citrus fruits contain skin-irritating juices, which can cause redness, itchiness, scaling and swelling of the hands, with all that cutting and chopping.

Furthermore, cooking oils and fried food greases are released in the air, and our skin absorbs them. Oils mix with bacteria and dead skin cells to cause acne, which shows up as red bumps, cysts, whiteheads or blackheads.


The chemicals and products that make our hair look glamorous such as dyes, and shampoos can in fact, be problematic for hairstylists. Disinfectants and cleaners used on styling tools and at the salon in general, are additional culprits. These chemicals, combined with water exposure, can result in redness, scaling, itching and dry skin.

Jobs with long hours and high stress levels

Jobs which involve a great deal of workload and have constant stressful deadlines, can lead to several health problems as well as skin related problems. You are probably too busy or stressed to get sufficient sleep, which your body and skin need for repair and renewal. In fact, people who manage to get less than eight hours sleep each night are more likely to suffer from stress, which is known to lead to acne and rosacea.

The wrap up...

It's clear our profession, can have an negative impact on our skin, and some of us may already be suffering from acne. In this case, you're probably in a catch 22 situation, because you can't exactly leave your job and it's also important to us to manage our skin properly at all times.

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