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How menopause can affect our skin

23rd November 2013

Menopause symptoms can reveal themselves in a variety of types of skin problems. The skin problems can be caused by fluctuations in estrogen and progesterone levels, which in turn affect the tone and texture of the skin during menopause.

Below are a few anti-aging tips you can follow during menopause:

Tip 1: Preventing a decrease in skin collagen

As collagen is such a major constituent of the skin, the objective should be to stimulate its synthesis, and preserve the collagen protein in an active, organised structure.

This can be achieved by protecting your skin from the sun with the help of sunscreens. Also avoid tanning beds as this can also cause damage to your skin and reduce your skin collagen. Most importantly make sure you are eating well, as this will play an important role in your skins ability to retain and create new collagen.

Tip 2: Maintaining skin moisture

This can be achieved by increasing two types of compounds: hyaluronic acid and acid mucopolysaccharides. Maintain your skins moisture by using face creams, drinking lots of water on a daily basis, and exfoliating your skin at least twice a week.

Tip 3: Phytoestrogenic compounds play a important role in assisting with menopause related skin problems

Phytoestrogenic compounds are found in specific food. They help to maintain youthful elasticity and moisture in our skin. Some of the highest levels of phytoestrogen are found in the foods such as: soy, flaxseed, dried prunes, dates, chickpeas, lentils, sprouts, specific herbs and spices so ensure these are consumed at least a few times a week.

Tip 4: Investing in effective rejuvenation treatments like Fraxel

Fraxel treatment is a safe, non-ablative laser skin procedure that can resurface damaged skin and uncover the youthful skin beneath. This type of skin laser treatment is offered at sk:n clinics, by an experienced dermatologist, who are here to provide you with a memorable and smooth rejuvenation experience.

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