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The hairy truth about laser hair removal during pregnancy

17th November 2013

During pregnancy hair growth and skin changes are common due to the increased level of hormones in our bodies. This is the reason why during times like this, women often desire laser hair removal or skin treatments.

However, due to the fragile and delicate state pregnant women are in, it is medically advised by sk:n that laser hair removal treatment must be postponed until after child birth. Not enough is known about the effects laser hair removal has on pregnant women and as medical professionals sk:n will never offer treatment to expectant mothers.

Overall, laser hair removal is a safe, virtually painless method of removing unwanted hair. In fact, many professionals and celebrities choose laser hair removal as it is considered the highest quality, and effective way to remove unwanted hair from visible areas. Although, some have pointed out that laser hair treatments should be postponed until after child birth, it might be worth getting a second opinion from an experienced dermatologist at a sk:n clinic.

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