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sk:n recommends: discover some useful ways that can help tackle your PCOS

6th November 2013

Suffering from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) can be emotionally and mentally draining. It's one of the most common hormonal endocrine disorders in women. It's known to have an effect on women's fertility, abnormal hair growth and can be the reason behind several skin conditions. Coping with this condition can be a challenge. There are now however, useful websites available similar to the one below, which will put your mind at rest and boost your confidence in dealing with PCOS better than ever before.


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Treatment for PCOS and infertility: A real challenge

This section of the website discusses various ways women can fight against infertility caused by PCOS, so we shouldn't lose hope. It outlines that, several PCOS cases have been solved by simply treating weight issues.

This is achieved by eating well and exercising regularly. It also recommends you consult with you doctor to gain any additional advice on PCOS to ensure a successful course of treatment for PCOS and infertility.

Causes of PCOS

This illustrates how there are no specific causes of PCOS, except the fact that hormone fluctuations and diabetes can be attributed to the disorder. However, studies are being carried out to test whether this type of condition is inherited and there is a good chance that this might actually be the case.

Symptoms of PCOS

As mentioned earlier, PCOS can be the cause of excessive hair growth, cause really bad acne and can be the reason behind infertility problems. However, it has also been pointed out that, 50-60% of PCOS patients suffering from this disorder, are likely to be obese. Therefore, understanding PCOS, weight loss and how it affects the condition will help you better gain control over it in the long term.

What can be done?

You have already won half the battle by managing your weight. However, it would be a wise idea to consider starting laser hair removal treatment at a well-established and trustworthy clinic like sk:n clinics. Your professional dermatologist at sk:n will ensure that you are satisfied after the completion of your laser hair removal sessions. You could even pick up an acne treatment or a skin peel whilst you are here, as we have a diverse range of treatments available for you. Bring out the daring and confident woman in you today.

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