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Anti-ageing tips you should know this Xmas

7th November 2013

Christmas festivities are only around the corner. You are probably already busy buying presents and picking outfits for your Christmas work parties. The Christmas to-dos can go on forever, but our number one focus should be to look absolutely dazzling and flawless this Christmas. Here are a few anti-ageing tips for those who are looking to ensure they have youthful looking skin this Christmas.

1. Look after your body as well as your skin

Pay close attention to the skin products and techniques you use to keep your skin rejuvenated as well as consuming a sufficient number of nutrients. Vitamin D and the Omega range such as Omega-3 and Acids, will particularly contribute towards healthier and younger looking skin. Also, always remember to drink plenty of water!

2. Spend time on a smart morning and night routine

This procedure will involve a range of face washes, moisturisers, sunscreen, retinoid and make up removers. Being a woman, I'm sure you are fully aware of which order these products should be used in!

3. Treat yourself with a non-invasive skin rejuvenation treatment

Why not try out one of our effective skin peels at our sk:n clinics which will be applied by one of our specialists who have proven to be leaders in this industry. Alternatively, you could try the anti wrinkle injection treatment, which will aid towards your newly transformed skin.

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