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Aging factors you must avoid

16th November 2013

A lot of our daily habits can contribute towards skin ageing in the long term. However, some of us may not even be aware of which factors we should strictly stay away from. Below are a few lifestyle factors we must try to avoid.

1. Pro-Inflammatory foods (sugars and starches)

Certain foods that consist of sugars and starches can be anti-inflammatory. Eating these types of foods excessively can show up on the skin as a loss of radiance, dark circles under the eyes, the loss of tone, puffiness and an increase in fine lines and wrinkles.

2. Not eating enough protein

When a supply of protein is depleted, the body is forced to feed upon itself. This causes both tissue and muscle to breakdown, which can have a direct effect on our skin.

3. Going fat free

Healthy fats, especially Omega 3 fatty acids and mono-unsaturated fat, have powerful anti-inflammatory effects improving the moistness, texture, suppleness and smoothness of our skin.

4. Excess alcohol

Alcohol causes small blood vessels in the skin to widen, allowing more blood to flow close to the skins surface. This produces a flushed skin colour and a feeling of warmth, which can lead to broken capillaries on the face. The alcohol-induced dehydration also makes the skin more prone to fine lines and wrinkles.

The summary...

If you do feel insecure, self-conscious and believe that a combination of factors have already effected your skin, then you could consider investing in a rejuvenation treatment such as the anti-ageing injections at sk:n clinics. It would be a good idea finding out more about your laser skin treatment, from an experienced and insightful dermatologist at a sk:n clinic near you.

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