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Acne transformation - how makeup can help

4th November 2013

Some of us have had the unfortunate experience of dealing with acne breakouts from an early age. Teenage years might have been difficult with fellow students making fun of our skin condition, or work colleagues looking at us strangely because of our acne skin problems. This is the last thing anyone would ever want to happen to them so what can we do to conceal our acne marks?

There are several ways to overcome this such as getting acne laser treatment and investing in great quality make-up. Make-up can really do wonders in covering up embarrassing acne marks and scars as shown in the short video below.

See how Ruby looks before and after her makeup application.

In this video, Ruby emphasises that having acne skin issues is not unusual and can be helped. She gives a thorough tutorial on how to apply certain types of make-up and which make-up she currently uses to mask her severe acne. She also advises towards the end of the clip that contouring the face at the end over your pimples would be a good idea, as it reduces the appearance of their size.

Although make-up can be helpful, it can become a long-winded task applying make-up every day, especially if you are running late for college, work etc. In the long run, it could make sense to simply invest in a long term fix such as a laser treatment for acne. This way, you can ensure that you can permanently resolve your acne issues.

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