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A skin care plan for the bride to be

25th November 2013

Your wedding day will be one of the best days of your life and a day to cherish for the rest of your life. Making an investment in your skin will ensure you have a beautiful bridal glow, you've always dreamed about.

Six months before the wedding

Find a reputable skin care professional

Keep on top of your wedding day to do list, search for a reputable and professional skin clinic such as sk:n clinics, six months before the big day. Six months is a substantial amount of time to get your skin to be clear, smooth and glowing for your wedding. The expert dermatologists at sk:n clinics can help you develop an effective plan for your skin several months in advance.

Don't pick at your skin

Try to make a conscious effort to not pick at your skin. Breakouts usually last just 3-5 days, but when you pick at a blemish, the red or dark mark that lingers can be there for a long period of time.

Every day must-dos

Use products formulated especially for your skin type such as dry or oily skin types. Always wash your face both morning and night. In the morning, use a sulphate-free gel cleanser and in the evening use a water soluble cleansing lotion to remove make-up, and dirt. Use a moisturizer with SPF every day on the face, neck and chest.

Start your laser hair removal treatment well in advance

If your hair growth is causing you unnecessary stress on top of all the other stress you are experiencing from wedding planning, then it's time you invested in laser hair removal. It's always a wise idea to begin laser treatment for hair removal well in advance as it takes at least up to six treatments spread across every 4-6 weeks at sk:n clinics to see full effects. With this in mind, ensure you book your free consultation right away!

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