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What are the Benefits of Laser Resurfacing

23rd May 2013

Let's face it we know that life can sometimes be rather stressful. If you've previously suffered from breakouts on your face for whatever reason, knowing that acne scarring might soon follow can stress you out even more. This is where laser resurfacing can help as it provides the perfect answer to laser treatment for acne scarring and discolouration.

Visibly Healthier Appearance

This laser skin treatment works by using a thermal energy beam which targets the very outer layers of the skin. This certainly benefits the skin as the beam promotes a healthier skin surface as it breaks down the scarred tissue, revealing a smoother and brighter complexion.

Non-Surgical Procedure

Another benefit to make note of is that the procedure is virtually painless and safe to use. Aftercare includes a local anaesthetic, sterile dressing and an ointment which will help to protect and soothe the treated areas. Healing can typically last between 10 to 21 days in which patients will be instructed to prevent the skin from drying out, but be prepared to be wowed by the fantastic results. This treatment can treat fine lines and wrinkles that are present on the forehead, eyes and mouth without having to go under the knife.

You're in Safe Hands

You'll have nothing to worry about with one of our sk:n practitioners, who will be available to provide you with any phone support or advice. In order to assess the healing process, you will have a follow-up appointment a week after the treatment.

The benefits of laser resurfacing are definitely worth it. Let acne scarring be a thing of the past and book a consultation today to find out if you're a suitable candidate!

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