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What Actually Are Milia Spots?

2nd May 2013

Do you know what Milia is? If not then don't worry as these small white spots are very common but not many people know exactly what they are. Millia spots are harmless, small raised, pearly white or yellowish bumps on the skin. They are most common in tiny babies, but can affect anyone of any age.

Whilst babies tend to lose their Milia spots quickly, in older people they may not always disappear. Sometimes Milia occurs in areas where your skin has been damaged or injured and can in some cases become irritable and itchy. Experts have said that Milia can result from excessive exposure to the sun, so it is important to look after your skin properly every day and wear a good SPF. They can also occur from harsh chemicals on the skin, such as strong toothpaste around the mouth.

Milia spots are likely to make you feel self conscious, as they are particularly obvious following sun tanning, or if you are woman wearing make-up where the bumps may be highlighted. There are things you can do at home to lessen the appearance such as exfoliate but this can cause irritation and may actually make the condition worse depending on the product type.

Here at sk:n we understand that no one wants unnecessary imperfections on their skin. Thankfully sk:n clinics offer a number of treatments to remove these spots. One treatment uses hot towels and scrubs, but this is a less permanent solution. If you want to remove them forever then sk:n can help you with milia removal.

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