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The Dilemma with Vitamin D

12nd May 2013

It might come as bit of a surprise but many of us are vitamin D deficient. Our body can only create its precursor vitamin D2 through sun exposure. Low levels of vitamin D can lead to seasonal defective disorder as well as dermatitis.

The Dilemma with D

There appears a fair amount of controversy around vitamin D purely because skin needs to come in contact with sunscreen-free UV light and we all know the sun's rays are highly destructive to our skin and are linked to skin cancer. While some experts say that all you need is about 10 minutes in the sun, others say if you were to add those 10 minutes up over your lifetime, it could be enough UV light to lead to skin cancer.

Vitamin D in Foods?

Unfortunately, asides cod liver oil; there are very few foods that contain vitamin D. Some foods, such as orange juice and most cereals have had Vitamin D added to them. However, just be sure it isn't laced with the cheaper precursor D2, which is much harder for your body to convert and less beneficial to your skin.

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