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The Benefits of Beauty Sleep

13rd May 2013

Sleep is actually one of the most powerful natural ways of rejuvenating, so when you deprive yourself with too many late nights, your appearance and general well being instantly suffers. Sleep improves memory and sharpens our attention, making us less likely to forget things, and therefore helps to prevent us getting stressed. It allows the body to produce growth hormones, and this is when the repair and growth processes kick in. Most importantly in the world of skin care, sleep helps to prevent inflammation which, in turn helps to fight premature ageing.

However, sometimes our busy lives prevent us from getting the optimum amount of sleep. Too much caffeine, stress, and not being in the right environment to sleep can all factor in to sleep deprivation.

If you’re feeling worn out or have bags under your eyes and genuinely feel your skin’s looking a little lifeless then sk:n suggests heading to your local clinic. We recommend Microdermabrasion, a treatment which involves removing the top layer of dead or unwanted tired cells. There are many benefits of the non-surgical treatment microdermabrasion and results can be visible after just one treatment. Microdermabrasion gets rid of tired, dull skin, helps remove wrinkles and can combat acne scarring. If your skin needs rejuvenating then visit your local skin clinic where one of our skin experts can offer you a free consultation and help you choose what's best for you.

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