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Stay Hair-free During Festival Season

22nd May 2013

Wet wipes? Check. Dry Shampoo? Check... so, you're all packed and ready to have a fantastic time with friends at a festival. If you know that your legs and armpits will be on show, keeping them smooth and free of unwanted hair is something that isn't always easy to do, especially when there's limited access to showers. If you're a shaver, you may or may not already know that camping and razors simply just don't go together.

Shaving is probably the most frequent method of removing unwanted body hair. However, whist it is a quick and cheap method, hair has a fast re-growth rate that is often stubbly. This is certainly not the best option for those looking for a permanent solution, which isn't good news for those attending festivals for a few days. Save yourself from the never-ending chore of having to keep up with stubble and opt for something that produces powerful, long-lasting results like laser hair removal.

So How Does it Work?

Permanent hair removal is achievable thanks to this safe and painless treatment available at our sk:n clinics. The laser beam used in this procedure conveniently stops hair growth by accurately targeting the base of the hair's follicle. Unlike IPL hair removal (Intense Pulsed Light) a less effective method which only caters to those with fairer skin, laser hair removal is suitable for all skin types and works on any part of the body. This is because the laser itself is fine tuned to treat your individual hair and skin type. It's perfect for addressing the larger parts of the body, so bid farewell to stubbly legs and armpits, put those dancing shorts on and throw your arms up in the air.

Book your consultation with one of our experts today so your body can be smooth and hair-free in time for the festivals. We carry out laser hair removal in London and in our clinics nationwide, click here to find your closest clinic.

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