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Skin Patch Could Protect Sun Damaged Skin

6th May 2013

A group of senior design students at Michigan Technological University in America recently devised a way to prevent sunburn, before the skin has time to react and turn red.

The biomedical engineering seniors created an attractive happy-face imprinted skin patch about the size of a 50 pence piece. The idea is that this patch gradually darkens under ultraviolet light and when the happy face disappears it's time to seek shelter in the shade.

In designing the patch the students factored in that all skin types are different and not everyone burns at the same rate and so they created prototypes for the three skin types that are most susceptible to sunburn.

What's in the Patch?

The patch is made with UV-sensitive film bonded to a special tape and is waterproof. It measures total UV exposure and knows when a user applies sunscreen or goes in the shade.

What's next?

It's thought that this UV monitor can help reduce the risk of UV rays exposure and therefore reduce the risk of skin cancer. However, it could also be helpful in determining and monitoring the sun exposure of children and babies.

Worried about your skin?

Here at sk:n we're passionate about keeping your skin safe from the sun. We teamed up with Cancer Research UK to launch our R UV Ugly? campaign. If you're worried about your sun exposure or want more information on the skin treatments we have available, like chemical peels and laser resurfacing for sun damaged skin, pop in for a consultation today.

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