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Skin Mites Responsible for Rosacea

24th May 2013

Yes it MIGHT be true that skin mites are responsible for the popular skin condition Rosacea. The skin condition that tends to become more prominent for sufferers in the summer time can leave sufferers self conscious and confined to the indoors.

Bug Biting Bacteria

It's unclear as to what causes Rosacea, whether it's a dysfunctional immune system or environmental factors it can differ in every sufferer. However, evidence has been brought forward to suggest that the condition might be created by bacteria. Research into this by Dr. Kevin Kavanagh of the National University of Ireland determined that bacteria living in the Demodex Folliculorum mite, already present on the skin of around 20 percent to 80 percent of humans, may be responsible for Rosacea. However, research shows that Rosacea sufferers tend to have more Demodex mites residing on their skin than those who don't suffer the condition. It might be difficult to prove that this bacteria is responsible for Rosacea as the bacteria is also found on healthy people.

So What Next?

If you're a Rosacea sufferer then we don't want you to worry as these mites are rumoured to be typically harmless. If you want more information on how you can combat your Rosacea symptoms then we have skin treatments that can help. If you want more information on the Rosacea treatments we offer here at sk:n then simply get in touch.

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