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Selling Your Safety Isn't Worth The Price

28th May 2013

Everyday millions of people round the world receive emails from different voucher companies such as Groupon, TravelZoo and Wowcher. This craze hit many people a number of years ago, when an inbox full of tempting deals made it difficult to refuse great value deals. Despite the popularity of these sites, some of them have met controversy over just how good the service is that they deliver.

Groupon Bad For Business?

If prices are being slashed then there must be a reason. In terms of skin treatments, are they unpopular because they're not effective? Or are they using cheaper equipment? These are questions you need to ask yourself when you receive an email from one of these voucher sites, claiming to offer you the best discounts on laser hair removal.

Do Your Research

Often, the companies offering these services are unheard of or small independent stores. Understandably, it is easy to get carried away with how cheap these deals are, but it's important to consider the service you'll be getting. Before you consider any skin treatment, be it a facial or ipl laser hair removal you should research the company offering the deal. If you can't clearly see any credentials proving they are experts in their field then don't purchase the voucher. Your skin is worth more than the money you could save, so don't sell your safety.

sk:n The Nation's Clinic

Here at sk:n we pride ourselves on being qualified experts with a team of highly experienced Doctors behind every clinic. This ensures high standards and a trust guarantee. We campaign for and support more regulation being introduced into our industry, so that every customer receives the best quality assured treatment.

Laser hair removal is currently increasing in popularity due to the summer approaching, and is therefore being offered on these voucher websites. Before you have your hair removal laser treatment we will test your skin type and review this as we progress with treatments.

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