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Put Your Foot Down on Accelerated Ageing

8th May 2013

Here at sk:n we're always interested in the latest research and speculation surrounding the world of skin care. Recent research has discovered that gold nanoparticles in everyday items such as moisturisers and other personal care products can reduce fat storage. This reduced fat storage can lead to a number of problems. Firstly, making it more likely that you will age faster and develop wrinkles and secondly, slowing down the wound healing process and increasing the risk of diabetes.

World class American University, Stony Brook made this discovery when developing skin tissue for burns victims and wounds. At the time, they were testing gold nanoparticles in vitro on different cells, including fat tissue, to see if their basic functions were disrupted when exposed to very low doses of these gold nanoparticles.

What did the experiments show

The adult stromal stem cells were penetrated almost instantly by the gold nanopaticles, which mean that multiple cell functions necessary for wound healing such as movement, cell division and collagen creation were all prevented.

These gold nanoparticles which were once thought of as harmless, can also lead to more serious problems including interfering with genetics which can lead to systematic changes in the body. Another worrying finding was that they also affect organ regeneration and reduce adiponectin, a protein that regulates glucose levels, helping to regulate metabolism. When the particles were removed normal functioning was eventually restored. This worrying research is still being investigated but in the meantime here at sk:n want to help you combat the signs of ageing.

If you're concerned about ageing, and have started to develop lines and wrinkles then head to your local sk:n where one of our qualified skin experts and Doctors can talk to you about anti-wrinkle treatments. If you've seen some scary before Botox® and after photos in the media then rest assured our treatments are carried out by experts you're in the safest hands. Botox is a virtually painless natural solution which is injected into the skin; it works by relaxing the tight facial muscles effectively helping to remove those lines. Leaving crow's feet and others lines heavily reduced or eliminated. Book now for your consultation on anti ageing and keep a close eye on products containing gold nanopartiles in the future.

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