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Obama Says Yes to Tattoos

29th May 2013

We all do 'crazy' things in our youth and although saying yes gets you into a lot of great situations, occasionally some of the consequences aren't so great when they’re still resonating years later. Our parents will often advise us to learn from the mistakes they made, but understandably many of us may still choose to ignore this advice and go ahead anyway. President Barack Obama recently told his daughters that if they ever get tattoos he will get the exact same design as them in the same place with his wife Michelle. Assuming this rebellion would actually end up bringing the girls 'cool' rating right down. Not only would he do this, he would also go on YouTube and show off the family tattoo.

Being the first teenagers in the Whitehouse since Chelsea Clinton, the pressure to appear and act in a certain way can sometimes have a detrimental effect on young adults, sending them on a spiral of rebellion. If you've got some embarrassing words inked on your foot or a generic star on your arm you might be considering laser tattoo removal?

Laser Tattoo Removal - But Does it Hurt?

Laser tattoo removal leaves great results and is both safe and straightforward if carried out by professionals. It works by allowing the light produced by lasers to pass through the skin and break up the tattoo ink into tiny particles. Following this, the body will then dispose of these fragments via the immune system. We won't lie, it does sting a little bit but then your tattoo must have really hurt in the first place, so this much more manageable and we offer you a local anaesthetic cream. For more information about laser tattoo removal simply click here.

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