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No Benefit of Evening Primrose Oil for Eczema

17th May 2013

Evening Primrose Oil brings with it a wide list of benefits, but sadly not for our skin or for eczema suffers, looking for a natural cure for eczema. It contains a high concentration of a fatty acid called GLA and it's this fatty acid that is responsible for the plants healing processes.

Previous research regarding the oil claimed that it had a positive impact in reducing the symptom of eczema as well as treating acne and Rosacea. In treating acne and Rosacea the oil helps to dilute sebum, the thick oily substance that is over secreted in some people with acne. It's also believed that the essential fatty acids in Evening Primrose Oil may reduce the risk of pores becoming clogged and spots developing. [Source]

However, research has recently highlighted that the oil isn't so beneficial in curing the cause of eczema as previously thought. A study conducted saw participants taking Evening Primrose Oil or a placebo for between 3-24 weeks. The outcome showed that the evening primrose oil offered no clear improvement of eczema symptoms over placebos.

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