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Nicole Ritchie Tramp Stamp Tattoo Removal

5th May 2013

In her popular programme #CandidlyNicole Nicole Ritchie decides to share with her viewers her decision to have several of her tattoos removed. In the episode we see her displaying the same bold and cheeky behaviour she exhibited in the Channel 4 hit The Simple Life.

Nicole begins by describing the way she acquired some of her more embarrassing tattoos back in her youth. She describes in a very ‘matter of fact’ tone getting a tattoo in her friend's garage with a gun when she was only fourteen.

What's interesting is that Nicole claims that she really wants some of her more embarrassing tattoos removed, specifically referring to her tramp stamp. Yet, when she is told she needs to wait 8 weeks between treatments for safety reasons because of the sheer volume of them, she pulls out immediately deciding to wait until they become even more embarrassing with age. We can't help thinking here that the whole decision to have the tattoos removed may have been a simple ploy to get some TV coverage for one of her episodes. Not at one point does Nicole seriously seem to worry about the implications if the tattoo cannot be removed or respect the safety regulations behind the tattoo removal and the advised time period.

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