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Mirror Mirror on the Wall

9th May 2013

Daily newspaper The Guardian's feature ‘What I See in the Mirror’, asks celebrities to tell everyone just that. We would all love a mirror that no matter how we felt about ourselves, told us we looked gorgeous every day. Every week a different celebrity reflects (excuse the pun) on what they see when they look in the mirror. Commenting on their skin, their features and how they take care of themselves both internally and externally.

Deborah Meaden recently featured saying how she feels so much younger than she is and looks. Yet thankfully she likes and feels confident with her appearance now she is older. She said that incorporates exercise as part of her daily routine with her dogs and horses, which reflects in her radiant complexion. She admitted that she has laughter lines, but as she's had a lot of laughs in her life she doesn't mind them. A positive attitude all round.

Ex-SClub 7 member and actress Rachael Stevens has also featured recently explaining that having a little girl means that her skin care routine is very quick. She is embracing her facial changes and line. She wants to ensure that her child doesn't get distracted by what's on the surface, and remember its being comfortable in your own skin that matters.

The celebs featured all commented on their busy lives, and how they're constantly juggling hectic lifestyles, so often have little time to focus on themselves. Similarly, if you have little spare time, but are discovering problems with your skin, or just want a treatment to provide some rejuvenation, then you should consider a skin chemical peel or glycolic peel. These procedures are offered at sk:n to treat skin problems such as acne, lines, sun damaged skin and wrinkles. The treatments available at sk:n clinics will leave you loving your reflection and the younger, fresher faced you.

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