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Men's Hair Removal

4th May 2013

With summer finally on its way, it's not just women who are concerned about ensuring their skin is smooth and hair free. In fact it seems that men are much more switched on about hair removal than we may have first thought.

The areas that men appear to seek hair removal most tend to be back, chest and shoulders. However, it's how they go about removing this unwanted body hair that could be quite off putting. If you don't quite know what we're talking about, maybe you haven't dated a guy with a stubbly chest? Shaving tends to be a popular hair removal option for men trying to remove unwanted chest hair, but it's not only high maintenance but looks awful when it begins to grow back.

Why the Fuss Over Hair Removal?

Of course hair removal is personal preference and isn't just a case of removing of all body hair. However, it's thought that a hairless physique shows off more muscle definition, so it's no coincidence that we see David Beckham and other famous pin ups with totally hairless chests.

If you don't want the pain of shaving, the stubbly chest, or the risk of abrasive hair removal creams available, then laser hair removal can be a great alternative. Not only is it the best permanent hair removal but it also doesn't cause ingrown hairs, which can be a big concern from other hair removal procedures. If you want more information on how laser hair removal can help then simply pop into one of popular sk:n clinics nearby.

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