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How to Avoid Fake Tanning Faux Pas

26th May 2013

As the summer approaches we notice all the shops slashing their self tan prices, in the hope of attracting the many of us that have been starved of sunlight throughout the winter. If done correctly and applied properly fake tan can look amazing, but if you slip up the overall results can look disastrous. Here at sk:n we've comprised a few simple tips to avoid you looking like a satsuma.

1. Remove all Body Lotion

Before applying your self tan you must ensure that you've removed any existing tan or moisturising products. Applying products on top of existing ones can lead to a break up of colour and a patchy appearance on your skin. It can be a good idea to make sure you've thoroughly exfoliated to get rid of any old skin cells or old tan.

2. Not in the Bathroom!

You might think that the bathroom is one of the better places to self tan, but in fact a steamy room with any moisture is one of the worst environments. If perspiration breaks out on your skin then just the smallest amount can wash away traces of self tan, leaving you with a mottled appearance once the product develops.

3. Avoid Hot Baths

Whilst wearing self tan try to avoid taking hot baths as it can help to break down your tan prematurely and leave you looking patchy. When washing, try to keep your showers fairly cool and pat your skin dry, paying special attention to places like the neck and underarms.

Of course having healthy and smooth skin is vital if you're about to apply self tan products. If there are any severe cracks or dry areas then the product is bound to settle there and create an unsightly orange appearance. For more information on our skin rejuvenation treatments simply click here.

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