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Don't Fear the Summer Because Of Excess Sweating

17th May 2013

With summer somewhere on the horizon, temperatures are expected to rise, which may not be the best news for those of you who suffer from excessive sweating known in medical terms as Hyperhidrosis. Hyperhidrosis is a common condition for many people especially when it comes to the palms, armpits and soles. We know how sweating too much can have a distressing impact on your social, professional and personal life. In some cases, some affected people fear embarrassment and try to avoid social contact where possible.

Normal sweating takes place to keep the body temperature steady when you’re either exercising, have a fever or are in hot weather. Whenever you have Hyperhidrosis, you may often sweat heavily for no reason and certainly sweat a lot easier than others. There are several causes of excessive sweating, such as hereditary genes, menopause, pregnancy, medication, alcoholism etc. If you want to permanently stop your embarrassing excessive sweating and get that fresh and dry feeling all throughout the warmer months, then look no further.

The Hyperhidrosis treatment available at our trusted clinics works by injecting Botox into the skin, which enters the overactive sweat glands. This blocks the nerve impulses which play a major role in producing excessive sweat. The injected protein botulinum toxin blocks excess nerve signals to these sweat glands and successfully reduces the amount of sweat that your body releases. Besides the small pinprick when undergoing the injections, this is comfortable and painless treatment but if you have particularly sensitive skin a local anaesthetic will be made available.

You will notice a major reduction in sweating that usually lasts for a period of up to three months, after which many patients choose to return for further Hyperhidrosis treatment. Take action against those overactive sweat glands with this safe and convenient option, book a consultation with our sk:n experts in time for the summer.

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