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Don't Be Blind About Moles

3rd May 2013

Moles can come in all shapes and sizes, some are linked to skin issues, whilst some are a sign of health problems, and some are just unsightly or a little irritating. Formed by a cluster of cells that produce pigmentation, they are dark in colour. However the cause of moles can be hard to generalise. This means not only do you need to keep an eye on them, but you need to ensure you visit a qualified skin expert should you have any concerns.

Some cultures believe that moles are actually symbolic and carry meanings. The Chinese believe that moles are actually secret imprints carried over from a previous life. Depending on the area of the face, moles are thought to carry a particular meaning. The meanings often differed depending on a person person's gender. These meanings include showing that you were rebellious at a young age, being a bad decision maker or perhaps symbolising an unpleasant marriage. They can also indicate whether you are prone to anger, are particularly creative or are going to experience a great deal of suffering. If you have a mole in-between your lips and nose, this was thought of as meaning that you are likely to have a number of children and a subsequent large family.

Whatever your beliefs are regarding moles, you must ensure you monitor them and seek medical help if you have any concerns. If you are concerned then we suggest visiting your local sk:n clinic for mole removal. If you have a small mole then this can easily be removed with a laser treatment. However, some may need to be removed using surgical treatments, two options are available both requiring local anaesthetic. One involves the mole being shaved away and the other involves the mole being cut out and the skin being stitched. Visit one of sk:n's clinics now and don't waste time worrying.

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