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Chelsea Flower Show, Powers of Flowers

25th May 2013

Last week we saw the Chelsea Flower Show which had us all very excited about the many beautiful flowers and weird and wonderful sculptures on display in the gardens. We've already briefly touched on the benefits that flowers and their natural extracts can have on our skin, but this week we're interested in the benefits of rosehip oil on the effects of sun damage.

Rosehip Rejuvenation

Pure rosehip oil is extracted from the seed of wild roses and is packed with vitamins A, C, E, F - vitamins that make it a particularly powerful anti-ageing ingredient. The oil is rumoured to have a great impact on cell rejuvenation and helps the skin appear plumper and healthier. Rosehip oil can help to rebuild collagen as it penetrates the skin it carries vitamins and antioxidants to the underlying tissue which ultimately improves skins elasticity.

So How Does it Help Sun Damage?

So how can this rosehip oil help the visible effects of sun damage? It is particularly effective on the early appearance of wrinkles, known as crow's feet and the oils healing properties can prevent the formation of keloid scar tissue.

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