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Bonnie Tyler's Eurovision Debut

11th May 2013

Last week we saw this year's Eurovision contest, held in Malmö in Sweden. For some of us the competition represents many European countries coming together in the aid of celebrating the music indicative to their country. For the rest of us it's simply entertaining to watch the numerous tacky outfits and cheesy presenters. Either way we can't neglect the fact that the contest has run for many years and is where bands such as ABBA managed to leverage into the world of the fame.

This year's entry for the United Kingdom was Bonnie Tyler, who looked fantastic and barely a day over 30. Tyler who is actually 61 has caused much speculation in the media over whether or not she's undergone plastic surgery. As she gets older, her skin appears to get tighter.

A Total Eclipse of the Knife?

Recent photos of Tyler as well as her performance last week, showed her healthy complexion without looking pinched and fake. It's impressive that Tyler can achieve such great results but what's her secret? Rumour has it that the singer openly admits to visiting a plastic surgeon but plastic surgeons also think the singer is a strong advocate of popular fillers like Juvederm® and Botox.®

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